Review: The Vegan Family Cookbook by Anna Pippus

Review: The Vegan Family Cookbook by Anna Pippus

Recommended? Yes! If you love vegan food, or are curious to try 🙂


Ok, full disclosure: I'm not vegan, but I've eaten no meat or poultry for 10 years. I do love to cook more vegetarian and vegan than not. And for real, The Vegan Family Cookbook spoke to my vegan-recipe-loving soul. ❤️ I'm just going to say it right up front: I loved this book! I call this "hard-core vegan food" and it's the way I love to eat.  The author is Anna Pippus. She clearly has a passion for veganism, as is evident on her website I think she hails from Vancouver, Canada, so 👏 👏 local-to-me-based vegan cookbook author!
A delicious vegan dinner! 

I decided to cook three meals from this book over about a week.  It was so hard to choose which recipes I wanted to make.  In the end I made: 

🔶 Breakfast: Oat Waffles and Simple Scrambled Tofu

🔶 Lunch: Corn Soup with Sneaky Red Lentils

🔶 Dinner: Sunflower Carrot Nori Rolls and a bowl made of rice, Savoury Pan-Crisped Tofu Cubes, Grated Carrot Salad and Citrus-Hemp Sauce.

Mmm...Corn Soup! 

When all the votes were considered,  our family favourite was the Corn Soup in first place! I will make it again and again.  The Savoury Pan-Crisped Tofu Cubes were also easy and delicious, and probably my daughter's favourite.  

There were several great things about this cookbook that I'd like to highlight: 

The neat thing about some books is just how versatile they can be.  There 
Awesome things:

  • Every recipe was simple to make and worked.  Having a Vitamix helped for sure. 
  • I discovered kala namak (Indian black salt) that Ms. Pippus said would make the scrambled tofu taste like eggs...and it did!  Now I have an entire bag of it in my cupboard, which will probably take the rest of my life to consume.  
  • My non-hard core vegan family was dubious about this food, but were game to try. Of the Oat Waffles, my daughter said, "They look like waffles, but these are not waffles." BTW, she only likes white-flour, buttery, eggy waffles, so I take her point. But I liked them.
The neat thing about some books is just how versatile they can be, and this was the case for The Vegan Family Cookbook.  I could repurpose so much here.  

➡The "not-waffle Oat Waffles" became the next day's delicious oaty "crackers" with peanut butter. They taste like Wasa crackers!

➡The Citrus-Hemp Sauce lives in my fridge and is now my go-to salad dressing.

➡Most cool of all: I had a ton of Sunflower Carrot Nori Roll filling left, and some old frozen won-ton wrappers in my freezer just yearning for something to fill them...and voila, I had made the most delicious vegan steamed dumplings. I love it when two left-overs in the pantry unite to make a new dish.

I hope you grab yourself a copy and cook up a vegan storm! And seriously, try the Corn Soup 👍