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Review: Facing the Unseen by Damon Tweedy, M.D.

  Review: Facing the Unseen by Damon Tweedy My Quick Take: This is the book that I would have loved to write if I wanted to tell you how it is to become a Psychiatrist. I didn’t write such a book, but Dr. Tweedy did, and it’s fantastic. Thanks to St. Martin’s Press for a gifted copy for review! *** “...the reality is that anywhere a doctor is regularly seeing conscious patients, there is a good chance mental health issues will eventually be involved.” If I were to quote the parts of Dr. Tweedy’s second book Facing the Unseen: The Struggle to Center Mental Health in Medicine that felt extremely relevant to me, I’d simply have to copy and paste the entire book here. I suppose that’s my way of saying that I really loved this nonfiction look at Tweedy’s medical training to become a Psychiatrist and his first years in practice, and if you’re interested in this topic, I’d highly suggest you pick this one up. And besides, Tweedy has an excellent voice for writing. The book is well-paced, f

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