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Memory's Legion by James S.A. Corey: Part 1

Memory’s Legion by James SA Corey (Part 1) For my Read a Series: The Expanse project, I’m on Book Eight ( Tiamat's Wrath ), but I’ve been reading the accompanying short stories gradually, which entails checking out the short story compilation, Memory’s Legion , once a year or so from the library and catching up. They add so much, and I’d highly recommend reading them as you go along if you’re reading the main novels. There are eight short stories that enhance the character depth and give context to the Expanse universe. I’ve presented them with a favourite quote, a snippet of what they are about, and my thoughts. This is Part 1, the first four short stories. "Drive" (150 years before Book 1) : “If he had control, he could reach the asteroid belt. He could go to the Jovian system and be the first person to walk on Europa and Ganymede. He isn’t going to, though. That’s going to be someone else. But when they get there, they will be carried by his drive.” I loved this short

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