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Review: BReD by Ed Tatton (with Natasha Tatton)

BReD: Sourdough Loaves, Small Breads, and Other Plant-Based Baking by Ed Tatton (with Natasha Tatton) Penguin Canada (2023) Vegan baking, sourdough bread adventures and more! I've reviewed this one on the BC Review. This article was originally published on The British Columbia Review ( ) on June 18, 2024. *** What is it that makes opening a new cookbook feel like an adventure? The recipes often take centre stage, but I’ve come to appreciate the other, less flashy parts of a cookbook, like the introduction and the recipe headnotes. Perhaps it’s because so much of modern recipe-searching is online, but these days more than ever, I appreciate a cookbook not only for its recipes, but also for the story it tells.  BReD: Sourdough Loaves, Small Breads, and Other Plant-Based Baking  by chef  Ed Tatton  tells a fantastic tale that takes the reader through Tatton’s origin story of how he became a master sourdough bread-maker and co-owner of BReD café in Whistler BC. He is q

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