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Review: The How Not to Diet Cookbook by Dr. Michael Greger/Recipes by Robin Robertson

My latest cookbook collaboration is with friends Dawn and Dave. We usually gather for board game nights and share snacks and drinks along with our fierce competitiveness, but we got to talking food and nutrition, which led to a dinner party over dishes we made from The How Not to Diet Cookbook . My Quick Take: With some upfront effort, these recipes were (mostly!) satisfying and hit the vegan, healthy mark. There’s tons of “back to the basics” too, so we learned a lot. *** Trish: This cookbook collaboration with friends Dawn and Dave was sparked by conversations we had around changing up our eating patterns in a big way and tweaking the healthful daily habits that we were already doing. Dawn had read and recommended Dr. Michael Greger’ s book How Not To Die for some great nutrition education, and I listened on audiobook. It was a comprehensive overview of nutrition, with a fundamentally plant-based approach. Check out my review here . After reading it, I added turmeric spice, ground

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