Hello, and thanks for stopping by!  I'm Trish from Vancouver BC.  I have a background working in healthcare, and I am the parent of a wonderful daughter.  I started blogging on Trish Talks Books in January 2022 in order to document my reading life, and also be inspired in new ways to explore the world of books and reading.  

With a bit more time on my hands, I realized that there's a world of great books out there, and I was losing track of my reading goals.  So many books piling up on my TBR!  And when I finished a book--even if it was fantastic--a week later, I couldn't recall what I'd read.  Always on to the next book.  

I tend to read widely.  I enjoy all sorts of genre fiction, literary fiction, non-fiction and I also like cookbooks.  It's easier to identify what I don't read much of.  I'm not great at loving Fantasy, and I don't read a ton of Biography.  I aspire to read more poetry, but don't usually choose it.   

I want to savour books more, and I want them to be a jumping off point for creativity in my life.  This blog is about reading more deeply through providing thoughtful book reviews; exploring book-related activities such as cooking and crafting; and starting to build a small community of people who are like-minded. 

I'll post challenges that I set for myself, and explore online and local bookish activities.  Where can books take me?  Where can they take you? I hope you'll join me! 


  1. Hi Trish, as an author looking for a book review not sure how to contact you. Mason Ludlow.

    1. Hi there! You can feel free to DM me on Instgram @trishtalksbooks.


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