The Endless Cross Stitch

I've got an amazing bookish cross stitch project!  It's probably not actually endless, but it seems that way. I've been an on and off again cross stitcher since my late teens, and have completed a fair number of projects. I have a great Christmas picture that I spent the entirety of medical school cross stitching. I find it relaxing, and these days it is the perfect thing to do while I listen to a podcast.  I needed a new project, and have some time now to stitch more consistently. At this cool modern cross stitch company called Gecko Rouge,  I found "Bookshop (Medical)" featuring art work by Colin Thompson. Its an awesome piece because it meshes so nicely with my love of books and my medical career.  I just love the humour and the style of the bookshelf.  I thought it would be a nice two to three year project...

Here's how it will look when finished.  Gorgeous!  


It came in the mail two years ago. I've been stitching, if not diligently, then at least inconsistently consistently, and I am SO SLOW at it.  This is a huge project, and I didn't understand the true scope of it. And it's hard. There's a lot of "popcorn" stitching in it, little bits here and there of each colour, which is finicky and I have to pay attention. That also means that I can't stitch while I watch TV, like you can with an easier piece. There are 36 "pages," which are blocks of the pattern, that you stitch onto the Aida cloth. After three years, I am finished four out of 36 pages. So, that is about 1.33 pages in one year.

Here's how it is now.  I'm proud, but there's a long way to go.  That's a lot of white space.  

Here is a scary calculation. I am now 50 years old. I have about 32 pages left. At a rate of 1.3 pages per year, that is 24.6 years left on this project. My conclusion is that I will be almost 75 years old when I am done.  

So maybe not technically endless, but pretty much. But truthfully, I love it.  It is so rewarding when I finish a page! I'll update pictures as I finish the pages.  Estimated time to completion: about 24 years.